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We have delivered modular technical training on a wide range of maintenance management related topics and techniques in the UK, Greece, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Kuwait, Dubai, Malaysia and Indonesia.

SpectrumCBM has developed high quality training modules for the ISO 18436-2 Vibration Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics Standard.

Our VA1 was originally approved by BINDT in 2005, the VA2 in 2006 and the VA3 in 2015 as complying with the BINDT PCN certification scheme.

Training courses can be carried out for 4 to 12 attendees at typical costs of 1000 per day plus variable costs for training handbooks. Travel and accommodation expenses are generally charged at cost plus 5%.

Cover pages can be customised to include your own logos. Contact us for package pricing.

    VA Category I Training Workbooks 154 pp A4 perfect bound.  Price 100.00
    VA Category II Training Workbooks 200 pp A4 perfect bound.  Price 150.00
    VA Category III Training Workbooks 310 pp A4 spiral bound.  Price 200.00

    BINDT Vibration Monitoring & Analysis Handbook 340 pp A4  Price 90.00


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